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Token Sale Details

  • Symbol GEP
  • Token supply 10bn
  • Token type ERC20
  • Hardcap 40mio.$
  • Softcap 3 mio.$
  • Tokensale
  • Presale
  • Company Reserve
  • Team
  • Advisor
  • GAIA-Association

Token Allocation Percentage

Tokensale – 30 %
Presale –  10 %

Company Reserve – 25 %
 Founding/Core-Team – 24 %
 Advisor –   6 %
GAIA-Association –   
5 % 

Use of Proceeds

45 %  –  Project development
15 %   –  R&D new projects
15 %   –  Operations

15 %   –  Marketing
10 %   –  Administration & Legal

  • Project development
  • R&D new projects
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Administration & Legal

The GEP token will be launched as an ERC20 token, a token operating via smart contracts running on the Ethereum platform.

The Instructions on how contributors can participate in the crowdsale will be available closer to the actual distribution date.

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We give you the chance of being part of something bigger – being part of bringing the next generation of energy production to life. Everyone owning the GAIA token will receive 20% discount for all products that come forth from our projects. Of course that also means that you can buy our products with discount and sell them for the regular price or keep the device and enjoy the energy of tomorrow.

Additionally we intend to create a space for discussions, you will be able to discuss current projects and vote for upcoming projects, after we finished stage 2 of our roadmap. That means we will take our decision-making to  a less centralized level. Your opinion matters !

With our GAIA-Projects Token you can help laying the fundament for various energy projects, that might even make our whole planet a better place !
As part of our future plans, there will be multiple possibilities of utilizing our token.