Our Vision

As technology evolves at an ever increasing rate, bringing forth new and amazing ways for the world to progress and accomplish wonders, it’s accompanied by an ever rising demand for energy. We at GAIA-Projects envision a world, that replies to this energy demand in a way suiting the 21st century: by casting off the old, obsolete sources of energy, like fossil fuels, and embracing the new, clean, green and renewable energy.


GAIA finds and invests in exciting new inventions. These remarkable projects are geared to provide green alternatives to power our everyday lives, the lives of the whole world population. Coupled with rigorous market entry testing, we do not only help individuals and small companies bringing forth their intriguing new products, devices, and processes in ways they could not accomplish alone, but we also help them to make these new technologies available and affordable to anyone.


“Achieving together, what stays denied to the Individual”

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Over the past few centuries, the industrial revolution has brought the world automation and centralization, forever altering manufacturing, distribution, and the very nature of business itself. Today, GAIA stands as the vanguard of the world’s next revolution, our ultimate goal :
The energy revolution of the 21st century



We at GAIA-Projects travel extensively, in search of the most promising and exciting energy inventions and innovations the world has to offer — unique products, devices, and processes that help the world step away from its reliance on fossil fuels and other harmful energy resources of the past. We then take these functioning devices and prepare them for market entry, testing and verifying their functionality, efficiency, and efficacy.

Unfortunately, this is an expensive and time-consuming process, but a necessary one for all those trying to bring their work to the global market. How can individuals and small companies manage the preparations for market entry, given its complicated and cost heavy nature? That’s why we’re here. That’s our mission.

With our unparalleled knowledge and experience, GAIA has perfected this process, making it efficient and cost-effective, while producing actionable data, that can make your innovations even better.


Consider, these are just the first projects we will help bring to the world:

• GBI Power Unit
an emission-free, easy to maintain power generator, just measuring 1m³. Already valued by international distributors, with sales contracts worth hundreds of millions of Euros.

• The HHO Cell
a fully automatic HHO-cell (the first in the world), used as emission-free heater, useable anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

• Mining Container
a portable mining container, energy self-sufficient. Produce and use the energy on the spot – no relying on local power

We believe in bringing a massive transformation in this world. If you share the same ideas and values, and are interested in revolutionizing the world, let’s make it happen. Your invention, your innovation, your device could be exactly what the world needs. Contact us, and let us help you change countless lives!


Plant your idea. We will help it blossom !

Due to globalization and the technological development of the past few decades, modern societies have an enormous demand for energy.
As a result, fossil fuels have been used excessively to power nearly everything in our daily lives.

Manufacturing and agriculture

While the manufacturing industry accounts for approximately 30% of global emissions, other industries also share the burden of mass pollution. The farming industry consumes a substantial amount of energy as modern machinery is commonly used to mass produce goods for the global market. Nearly every piece of paper, vegetable and similar products are a result of a process that directly or indirectly emits greenhouse gases, which might as well be far more potent than carbon.


As part of globalization and modernization, the demand for transportation is growing at a rapid pace. Modern connectivity now means goods are not sold just locally, but globally – adding vast distances between a producer and consumer. While there has been remarkable progress towards electric powered vehicles, we still lack the means to mass generate (and store) enough green energy to completely electrify the transportation sector.


Power, cooling, and heating – may it be the air conditioner, floor heating or charging a phone. On a daily basis, everything from our private homes to schools or hospitals needs a high amount of energy to fulfill their function or our demand for convenience. Since only a very small percentage of electricity is produced via renewable energy  (like solar- or wind energy), the consumption of fossil fuels are still needed to keep buildings warm and comfortable.

Instead of continuing the race for fossile fuels,
we need to refrain from harmful practices.
It’s time for more intelligent solutions.


The future of GAIA-projects
Follow us on our way to a better world !

  • Q3 2011

    Establishment of GAIA association / Austria
    6 founding members

  • Q4 2014

    Establishment of GAIA-Energy / Germany
    Commercial Departement of GAIA

  • Q2-Q4 2015

    Developing criteria for project search
    Starting to search, test and verify projects
    Project count: 3

  • Q1-Q4 2016

    Continuing research
    Projectcount: 13
    From more than 10 different countries

  • Q1-Q4 2017

    Continuing research
    Projectcount: 19
    From all over the globe

  • until Q1 2018

    +35 cooperating partners
    +20 projects tested
    5 energy projects passed our examination
    18 employees
    about 3300 members

  • Q1 2018

    Projectcount: +20
    Start of project: GAIA Mining Container
    Finishing first prototype of container

  • Q2 2018

    New whitepaper
    Tokensale preparation
    Controlling project progress

  • Q3 2018

    Establishment of GAIA-Energy-Projects
    Tokensale preparation
    Smart contract development

  • Q4 2018

    GBI progress control
    Preparation for further tests

  • Q1 2019

    Inspection of a new device in Russia
    Inspection of Container-production
    Receiving more distribution-rights for GBI
    Building the glass test-room
    Transport and test preparations GBI

  • Q2 2019

    Public test of GBI
    Verification of GBI by certified body
    (SGS/German. Lloyd/TÜV)
    Prototype test HHO-cell

Our Team

Meet our core team

  • Robert J. Reich

    CEO - GAIA Energy Projects

    Malta & Germany

    Robert was born in Croatia, but grew up and was educated in Germany. He started his career as organization consultant for IBM Germany, compudent AG directly after finishing his studies of economics. Swapping over from consulting to project management of high technology applications,he built 2 complete facilities in Germany, which were producing e-beam accelerators for the modification and enhancement of material structures. After receiving permission by the government, he serves as radiation protection supervisor and was allowed to handle radioactive material. His work results in international admission, as well as a mark of recognition from the German governmental KfW bank in 2005. Robert ́s knowledge and experience led him to the United Nations UNDP program, as a consultant for huge infrastructure projects of the Government of Central African Republic. After searching for innovative energy sources for the past decades, Robert joined the GAIA association in 2012 and took over the position of CEO of the GAIA Energy GmbH in Germany in 2014.

  • Roberto Reuter

    COO - GBI Power Units

    Austria & Germany

    Roberto was born 1975 in the former GDR. His live changed instantly, after Germany’s reunion in 1989. 1990 he left home to finish an external school. Working as management assistant for KOBRAFormen, a global leader in making concrete molds he led a satellite division there. Later he decided to move on to Austria. During the following years he worked as key account for global sales in Vienna’s Classic Components Branch office and supported international high speed supply chains for Foxconn, Solectron/Flextronics. After founding the GAIA Association in 2011, he is now managing the Association with 3000+ members. Nowadays he is mainly involved in the GBI project, as energy independence is his greatest passion

  • Heiko Erxleben

    COO - Mining Container


    Heiko successfully runs his own construction company since two decades. After constructing hundreds of private homes, he recognized very early, that finding alternative energy sources is the core task of our generation. With his profound knowledge of construction, functionality requests, German quality demands and all required procedures and certificates, he implemented innovative solutions to his constructions soon after. Being a crypto-enthusiast, Heiko had the idea to construct a mining container for his own purposes. Being a GAIA member since 2014, he learned at a very early stage about our GBI project and will work on combining the first container prototype he built, with our self – sufficient energy devices.

  • Andreas Fr. v. Brandenburg

    CCO - All Projects


    As mechanical engineer Andreas does not only understand the function of complicated machinery, he also designs and builds special machinery. Andreas constructed a very advanced material handling machine for an ebeam accelerator project in south Germany, which is how he and Robert first met. He worked for the NATO Stabilization Force (SFOR) as inspection engineer for all kind of vehicles, tanks etc. Because of that Andreas formed strong connections to all well known test and certification body’s in Germany like TÜV, DEKRA, Germanischer Lloyd, SGS and others.

  • Robert Atkin

    Head of Blockchain development

    United Kingdom & Spain

    After finishing his studies at the University of Salford, Robert has gained extensive knowledge in a variety of business fields, being both an entrepreneur and developer. In his 28 years of software development, he also worked for global banks, with his current work being in the fields of Fintech, AI & ML, Blockchain & ICOs, IoT and Robotic Process Automation. Robert won multiple awards, including an award for developing the most disruptive payment technology in 2017. Additionally he was rated as having the best IT in the mobile phone industry and also won the UK government grant to continue his work on AI in payments.

  • Christian Steiner



    Christian Steiner has been working in the online-marketing business since 2003. Before Facebook changed the social media landscape, Christian helped growing the biggest social community (szene1) of Austria, which had about 1 million registered and active members from Austria. As a Web2.0 pioneer, he was an active marketer of MySpace for multiple years and knows the online-marketing business and the most prominent Ad-Tech-Companies like his own hand. Christian accompanies many national and international companies through digital transformation with his own company “Jutta Deluxe GmBh”.

  • Christoph Beiser

    Head of Hydrogen Technologies

    Austria & Germany

    Christoph is situated in Austria. Most of his lifetime, he taught adults how to create constructions from first scratch up to professional 3D constructions and to prototypes during tech workshops. He was a technical consultant and approved countless new technological developments so far. Christoph is working for GAIA since 2011 as technical director and controlled nearly all innovative technologies, which crossed our way so far. Driven by his idea to heat with water, he developed the most efficient HHO – cell in 2012 and further improved his invention since then.

Our Advisors

Meet our advisors

  • Sean Brizendine

    Blockchain Advisor

    United States of America

    Sean Brizendine has over 7+ years of experience researching bitcoin and blockchain technology. He was rated 5+ POD (Proof of Developer) by CryptoAsian in 2014 and is a Certified IIB Council Blockchain Professional & EC Council University Lecturer covering Blockchain in their Cyber Talk Webinar Series: ICO Bench Expert. He has been involved in over 40 Blockchain Related Projects over the years and a dvised some of the most successful Token Sales in Blockchain history such as the historic $52 Million TraDove Project ICO.

  • Dr. Raymond Winter

    Technology & Business Advisor

    United Kingdom

    Raymond is a technologist and commercial director with many years of hands-on operational management experience. He has a well established network of international contact, has extensive negotiation skills and successful marketing experience. His primary expertise lies within the management of dot.com, telecommunications (fixed, mobile, satellite), digital technologies (including broadcast TV, computer & smartphone manufacturing),eMedia services and SaaS businesses. However his recent investments in zero carbon, clean energy businesses have led to a patented technology that offers electricity to remote villages for the first time.

    Extensive international business experience with residential periods in three European countries and the USA and has had exposure to most worldwide cultures, including those across the Far East and Russia.

    During the past five years Raymond decided to direct his focus into new Energy and emissions technologies. He met inventors around the world who needed resources to develop their ideas, to cure the NOx and CO2 emissions from combustion engines and support new energy generating technologies that produce electricity. This is how he became associated with the GAIA Community.

  • Bryan Doreian

    Business advisor & Strategic partnerships

    United States of America

    Bryan is a highly sought after strategist, business developer, networker and recognizable presence in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realms since 2012.   He shares his experience, insights and energy with projects of high resonance that make lasting impacts on their communities while tying into the global landscape.  Currently, he sits as the Chief Development Magus for the SDG Impact Fund (a Donor Advisory Fund), is the founder of impact initiatives (Wysebridge, Decentrata, elev3n) and is a strategic advisor/business developer for PIVX, WhistleAI, NUMO, Redpen, and Pocket Network.

    Bryan graduated Magna Cum Laude with dual Bachelors of Science degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and dual minors in Mathematics and Biology from Geneva College.  From there, he completed his Doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biophysics from Case Western Reserve University.  During this time, he began preparing for the USPTO Patent Bar Exam to become a Patent Practitioner.  Upon successfully passing the exam and tutoring several of his peers in 2012 that passed as well, he turned his educational experience into a thriving Educational Technology Company (Wysebridge) and has subsequently gone on to launch and fund several startups, including co-founding a holistic healthcare platform in 2017 (elev3n), and in 2018 co-founding a decentralized infrastructure for developers to build peer to peer applications (Pocket Network) as well as an ecommerce solution (Vendible) for businesses and consumers that bring both together within community marketplaces by leveraging social networks and layered confidence mechanisms for safe transactions using both traditional and digital/cryptocurrency payments.

  • James Macdonald

    Strategic partnerships


  • Jane King

    Media Advisor

    United States of America

    Jane King is a 1991 graduate of Purdue University, with a degree in Communications. Jane began her television career at WLFI-TV in Lafayette where she was an anchor and reporter. During that time, Jane also taught a few classes at Purdue in broadcast journalism. After WLFI, Jane began to specialize in financial and business reporting and went on to cover consumer issues at WPVI-TV in Philadelphia, and the stock market for both CNN and Bloomberg Television. In January 2014, Jane started her own company with a business partner, LilaMax Media LLC, where she provides financial news content from the NASDAQ in Times Square for local television stations around the country including WISH in Indianapolis, KRON TV in San Francisco, KING in Seattle, and Thestreet.com. LilaMax Media recently launched a weekly, 30 minute show that airs on both KRON’s broadcast and streaming. Services. The show focuses on technology and entrepreunership. During her career, Jane has covered the dot com bust, the 2008/2009 financial crisis and provided live reports for CNN and local TV stations from the World Trade Center attacks on September 11th, 2001.

    LilaMax Media was created in January 2014. It’s a multimedia content company delivering consumer/business news to television and internet news organizations. Jane King, along with long time TV syndicator Robert Morris, started LilaMax Media and has grown the company from 12 TV stations to now 72 TV station and 2 internet entities.  LilaMax Media content originates from the NASDAQ Marketsite in Times Square and is provided and updated daily.

  • Francisco Mcdougall

    Technical Evaluation

    United States of America

    Francisco is an entrepreneur, technologist/engineer and social activist. He dedicates his time to working technology projects that advance social issues regarding public autonomy and progressive social issues, along with and developing business strategies with other fellow entrepreneurs that are developing tech related services or products. Over the last 10 years he has been involved with several start-up companies relating to health, technology, and agriculture.

  • Fabrizio Zampieri

    Financial Analysis


    Economist and Financial Analyst.

    Areas of expertise: Corporate Finance and Foreign Markets, with the following specificities:

    • analysis and study of financial markets;
    • exchange rate risk and financial instruments management;
    • cryptocurrencies and ICO markets analysis and advisoring.

    Professor at ISFOA -Private International University Lugano- in financial subjects (“Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management”).

    Ordinary member of A.L.E.A. (Association of Graduates in Business Economics at University of Venice, Italy).

  • Guido Parchi

    Technical Advisor


    Guido is an entrepreneur, technologist/engineer specialized in environmental engineering and clean energy technologies.

    Thanks to his dad’s passion for sailing and skiing Guido grew up in touch with the strength and beauty of nature. His passion for physics naturally led him to become an environmental engineer. After graduating in Hydraulics/Environmental engineering at the University of Bologna, he began his career working for both public administrations and private companies, in the following areas:

    –           Environmental and Energy engineering.

    –           Environmental/Geographical information systems.

    –           Project management.

    –           Environmental decision support systems (Mathematical modelling).

    Later Guido became co-founder and technical director of three Engineering and Software companies. Currently he is CEO-CTO of Prometeon Srl, an engineering and research company developing innovative clean energy technologies.

  • Raphael Kury


    Austria & Malta

    Raphael studied business informatics in Vienna and founded his own small company 2004. After just a short amount of time, he controlled mid – sized IT projects, for example for General Electric and Raiffeisen Bank group. During his carrier he also occupied a key position in an internationally operating gaming enterprise, managing their IT infrastructure. 2012 he founded his second IT company and is offering 3rd Level support.