Robert J. Reich

Robert was born in Croatia, but grew up and was educated in Germany. He started his career as organization consultant for IBM Germany, compudent AG directly after finishing his studies of economics. Swapping over from consulting to project management of high technology applications,he built 2 complete facilities in Germany, which were producing e-beam accelerators for the modification and enhancement of material structures. After receiving permission by the government, he serves as radiation protection supervisor and was allowed to handle radioactive material. His work results in international admission, as well as a mark of recognition from the German governmental KfW bank in 2005. Robert ́s knowledge and experience led him to the United Nations UNDP program, as a consultant for huge infrastructure projects of the Government of Central African Republic. After searching for innovative energy sources for the past decades, Robert joined the GAIA association in 2012 and took over the position of CEO of the GAIA Energy GmbH in Germany in 2014.