Inventors Lounge

You have developed an invention, which is solving a todays world important energy question?

You are convinced, humanity need to know about your solution?

You want to maximize the potential, by introduction to a worldwide audience?

GAIA Projects will globalize your achievement, by providing you with:

  • Several 100 000 end customers who are interested in purchase your device today – immediately
  • All needed actions to secure your intellectual property with patents, trademark and/or copyright registrations.
  • All needed resources to transform your prototype to a serial ready to use product
  • Production facilities & logistics to deliver every corner of the world with your invention
  • Access to Venture capital, industrial partners, governmental or humanitarian organizations
  • We offer you a tailor-made designed solution for your invention

You have 2 ways to use the services of GAIA Projects:

of validation

1. We work
on your costs

2. We work
on our costs


Prototype is inspected by GAIA

All “not visible” or hided spaces, are considered as potential energy or battery storages.

Therefore all these volumes are added up and multiplied by a factor of the power, which consumer-available batteries could provide today

450 EUR/day for travelling time

+ flight
+ hotel and local expenses

900 EUR/day for

inspection of the device,
+ concept development,
+ schedule forecasting
+ commercial potential evaluation

2 400 EUR/day for international lawyers and IP-protection issues.



A new “serial prototype” is manufactured – according to specifications which are agreed on the results of “concept development”

Manufacturing of “serial prototype”
Costs depending on your technology & requirements plus the publication costs:

For end-customers depending on location & needed setup. min. 30 000 EUR – max. 60 000 EUR Setting up a “free of doubt” proof of concept scenario. A glass room, with full surveilance with HD cameras incl. broadcasting via Internet 24/7 for 10-14 days. All recordings available in HD quality. Transmitted to the GAIA audience for VCs

For industrial partners depending on location & needed setup. min. 60 000 EUR – max. 240 000 EUR + Validation & Certification of results. Test scenario will be “access locked” from a notary, all results will be monitored by gauged & calibrated instruments from a certified body (e.g. Germanic Lloyd/DNVGL, SGS laboratories, Bureau Veritas, or others). A protocol of the result will be issued. Transmitted to the GAIA audience + VC financing partners, as well as strategic industrial partners.

We pay for the serial prototype, rest of service is free of charge


The device will be duplicated in different sizes – according to demands of future customers or the audience you want to address (defined in “concept”)

Your device will be reproduced in different sizes and multiple units – usually 5-10 units

Costs depend on your technology
+ Proof of concept scenario to desired audience

We pay for duplication and different sizing of the technology, rest of service is free of charge

Timing on both solutions

2 – 24 weeks, depending on your performance speed or other
partners out of GAIA Projects control.


Your Invention is now ready to be globalized and we will transmit your project to:

  • 100 000 direct customers
  • 14 000 qualified Investors
  • 6 worldwide operating humanitarian organizations
  • 12 000 000 “Free Energy” followers
  • Inspirational movie producing companies, with an audience of several 100 000 000 viewers

What does “cooperation” with GAIA Projects mean, if I do not carry any costs?

  • A new company will be established.
  • A newco will be equiped with sufficent funding for own production facility setups.
  • The newno has 3 shareholders (inventors group, GAIA Projects, strategic partners for globalization)
  • The newco has the worldwide IP-license for marketing & distribution of the units.

You want to transmit your project to us?

Please consider, if you could confirm these questions before you reach out to us.

QUESTION 1 – You have a working prototype, that could show and proof results?

QUESTION 2 – The owner of the Intellectual property is you and the invention is “new” – means, it´s not a copy of something existing and already available on the market?

QUESTION 3 – You are able to make the decision about a possible cooperation model?

YES TO ALL ? – Excellent !

We are happy to hear from you: