HHO - Automatic Water Cell

GAIA managed to construct the first global fully automatic HHO-Cell in 2012. After seeing and testing a lot of projects, about Hydrogen cells, around the globe, we came to the conclusion that this is the best one we’ve ever witnessed. The device only needs a tiny amount of energy and then creates a water-oxygen mixture, using electrolyte.

We want to use this to create emission-free heating for your daily lives. The COP (Coefficient of Performance) will be supposedly around 6:1, according to our recent calculations. That would mean that its COP is about 50% higher than the currently most efficient heaters (geothermal heating).

There is only one step left to take, until this device can act as a heating device. We will use some of the proceeds of our token sale to build a special heat exchanger for our already fully functional and verified HHO-cell.