Dr. Raymond Winter

Raymond is a technologist and commercial director with many years of hands-on operational management experience. He has a well established network of international contact, has extensive negotiation skills and successful marketing experience. His primary expertise lies within the management of dot.com, telecommunications (fixed, mobile, satellite), digital technologies (including broadcast TV, computer & smartphone manufacturing),eMedia services and SaaS businesses. However his recent investments in zero carbon, clean energy businesses have led to a patented technology that offers electricity to remote villages for the first time.

Extensive international business experience with residential periods in three European countries and the USA and has had exposure to most worldwide cultures, including those across the Far East and Russia.

During the past five years Raymond decided to direct his focus into new Energy and emissions technologies. He met inventors around the world who needed resources to develop their ideas, to cure the NOx and CO2 emissions from combustion engines and support new energy generating technologies that produce electricity. This is how he became associated with the GAIA Community.