CO2 Motor

The CO2 engine is based on usage of thermal heat. This heat utilizes an expanding fluid to drive cylinder-pistons whenever a temperature change occurs. This means, heat is being used as primary energy source.

CO2 is a technical gas with a special physical abnormality:
Low heat and pressure is enough for it to significantly expand. This physical trait is well established knowledge – even though this trait has not been specifically researched.
This invention uses the expansion to turn it into movement. With industrially manufactured heat storage and by constantly using waste heat, the possible driving distance of a prototype car can be considerably increased from currently 40km (in 2015 with one charge). We already have first drafts of making it possible to quickly recharge heat at a „heat station“ or using the waste heat from our mining containers for the heat-recharge process.

The cost of this project strongly revolves around the cost of the serial production of the needed parts, but also to confirm the patent- and property right, which were initiated by the inventor years ago in Austria.

Very important to mention is, that the CO2 is used as a closed system. The Storage will be filled once and does not need to be replaced or refilled ever again.

This is a phase 2 project, more information will follow soon.