Bryan Doreian

Bryan is a highly sought after strategist, business developer, networker and recognizable presence in the blockchain and cryptocurrency realms since 2012.   He shares his experience, insights and energy with projects of high resonance that make lasting impacts on their communities while tying into the global landscape.  Currently, he sits as the Chief Development Magus for the SDG Impact Fund (a Donor Advisory Fund), is the founder of impact initiatives (Wysebridge, Decentrata, elev3n) and is a strategic advisor/business developer for PIVX, WhistleAI, NUMO, Redpen, and Pocket Network.

Bryan graduated Magna Cum Laude with dual Bachelors of Science degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and dual minors in Mathematics and Biology from Geneva College.  From there, he completed his Doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biophysics from Case Western Reserve University.  During this time, he began preparing for the USPTO Patent Bar Exam to become a Patent Practitioner.  Upon successfully passing the exam and tutoring several of his peers in 2012 that passed as well, he turned his educational experience into a thriving Educational Technology Company (Wysebridge) and has subsequently gone on to launch and fund several startups, including co-founding a holistic healthcare platform in 2017 (elev3n), and in 2018 co-founding a decentralized infrastructure for developers to build peer to peer applications (Pocket Network) as well as an ecommerce solution (Vendible) for businesses and consumers that bring both together within community marketplaces by leveraging social networks and layered confidence mechanisms for safe transactions using both traditional and digital/cryptocurrency payments.