TIM – Exchange & TUG

The Universal Gateway provides a single integration point to multiple payment and ancillary services which can be used individually or in multiple combinations, making it possible to use multiple services in a single transaction e.g. anti-fraud and least-cost-routing.


RASD is an independent FinTech and Artificial Intelligence development organisation designing and building business process improvements across all sectors. Our products and ideas have won prizes from the likes of Microsoft, Infosys and Innovate Finance.

Using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT and Robotic Process Automation allied to state of the art open technologies (Blockchain, Cloud, NoSql etc) users of our solutions have improved their processes, capacity and resilience.

Christoph Beiser

Christoph is situated in Austria. Most of his lifetime, he taught adults how to create constructions from first scratch up to professional 3D constructions and to prototypes during tech workshops. He was a technical consultant and approved countless new technological developments so far. Christoph is working for GAIA since 2011 as technical director and controlled nearly all innovative technologies, which crossed our way so far. Driven by his idea to heat with water, he developed the most efficient HHO – cell in 2012 and further improved his invention since then.

Christian Steiner

Christian Steiner has been working in the online-marketing business since 2003. Before Facebook changed the social media landscape, Christian helped growing the biggest social community (szene1) of Austria, which had about 1 million registered and active members from Austria. As a Web2.0 pioneer, he was an active marketer of MySpace for multiple years and knows the online-marketing business and the most prominent Ad-Tech-Companies like his own hand. Christian accompanies many national and international companies through digital transformation with his own company “Jutta Deluxe GmBh”.

Robert Atkin

After finishing his studies at the University of Salford, Robert has gained extensive knowledge in a variety of business fields, being both an entrepreneur and developer. In his 28 years of software development, he also worked for global banks, with his current work being in the fields of Fintech, AI & ML, Blockchain & ICOs, IoT and Robotic Process Automation. Robert won multiple awards, including an award for developing the most disruptive payment technology in 2017. Additionally he was rated as having the best IT in the mobile phone industry and also won the UK government grant to continue his work on AI in payments.

GBI Power Unit

The GAIA by Infinity generator produces completely independent and free energy, while being easy to maintain. The approximately 1m³ GBI-Powerunit can be used to generate your own energy without having to depend on third parties. Our generator does not produce any emission and thus is completely environment friendly. There are already international distributors for the generator, as well as sale contracts worth more than 460 million Euro.

Mining container

Our first prototype was already built and is ready to be shown to the public. The energy self sufficient Mining container can be used anywhere at any time, as energy will be produced independently on the spot and will then be used to power the mining computers.

Andreas Fr. v. Brandenburg

As mechanical engineer Andreas does not only understand the function of complicated machinery, he also designs and builds special machinery. Andreas constructed a very advanced material handling machine for an ebeam accelerator project in south Germany, which is how he and Robert first met. He worked for the NATO Stabilization Force (SFOR) as inspection engineer for all kind of vehicles, tanks etc. Because of that Andreas formed strong connections to all well known test and certification body’s in Germany like TÜV, DEKRA, Germanischer Lloyd, SGS and others.

Heiko Erxleben

Heiko successfully runs his own construction company since two decades. After constructing hundreds of private homes, he recognized very early, that finding alternative energy sources is the core task of our generation. With his profound knowledge of construction, functionality requests, German quality demands and all required procedures and certificates, he implemented innovative solutions to his constructions soon after. Being a crypto-enthusiast, Heiko had the idea to construct a mining container for his own purposes. Being a GAIA member since 2014, he learned at a very early stage about our GBI project and will work on combining the first container prototype he built, with our self – sufficient energy devices.