Our Vision

The origin of GAIA-Projects lies within the proprietary company GAIA.
GAIA was founded on the 15th September 2011 by 6 founding members. The association was able to attract more than 2400 enthusiasts, visionaries, pioneers, sponsors and extraordinary gifted people and keeps growing. We all have one common fundamental idea:

«Achieving together, what stays denied to the individual»

We from GAIA-Projects strongly believe that it is possible to power every single building with self-sufficient energy.
Generated without exploiting the resources of our earth.

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  •  We from GAIA projects have a vision.
    A vision of making environment friendly, self-sufficient, free energy affordable for everyone. A vision to create a world in which this energy is part of our daily lifes and as such is powering not only technical devices, but also the well being of our customers, the next generations and our magnificent world. 
    – CEO R. Reich
  • When we founded GAIA in 2011, we had in mind, that problems can never be solved on the same level that caused them in the first place. Within the entire GAIA group, we work in a positive manner, which in our opinion, builds trust and motivates to join us. The more people understand that we ourselves have to be the ones who get started and improve the world, the better. 
    – COO R. Reuter
  •  It was proven quite often that there is no place for methods
    [for energy generation] that exploit the ressources of our earth and harm our environment. The world has changed in the last few decades, our technology is more advanced, we have faster means of transportation – but still use the same fossile fuels to run them. It is time that we find better, healthier ways of powering our society
    – H. Erxleben