Our Vision

“Writing the future by providing a functioning framework for shaping ideas into reality, guiding the most innovative technological inventions of the 21st century to the market .”

As technology evolves at an ever-increasing rate, bringing forth new and amazing ways for the world to progress and accomplish wonders, it is accompanied by an ever-rising demand for energy. We at GAIA-Projects envision a world that replies to this energy demand in a way suiting the 21st century: casting off the old, obsolete sources of energy, like fossil fuels, and embracing the new, clean, green and renewable energy.

Consider, these are just the first projects we will help bring to the world:

• GBI Power Unit
an emission-free, easy to maintain power generator, just measuring 1m³. Already valued by international distributors, with sales contracts worth hundreds of millions of Euros.

• The HHO Cell
a fully automatic HHO-cell (the first in the world), used as emission-free heater, useable anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

• Mining Container
a portable mining container, energy self-sufficient. Produce and use the energy on the spot – no relying on local power

We believe in bringing a massive transformation in this world. If you share the same ideas and values, and are interested in revolutionizing the world, let’s make it happen. Your invention, your innovation, your device could be exactly what the world needs. Contact us, and let us help you change countless lives!


Plant your idea. We will nurture it and help it blossom !

Due to globalization and the technological development of the past few decades, modern societies have an enormous demand for energy.
As a result, fossil fuels have been used excessively to power nearly everything in our daily lives.

Our Strategy

“Achieving together, what stays denied to the Individual.”

Over the past few centuries, the industrial revolution has brought the world automation and centralization, forever altering manufacturing, distribution, and the very nature of business itself. Today, GAIA stands as the vanguard of the world’s next revolution, our ultimate goal of leading the energy revolution of the 21st century and providing:


Our strategy involves GAIA seeking out and investing in exciting new inventions. These remarkable projects are geared toward providing green alternatives to power our everyday lives of the entire human population. Coupled with rigorous market entry testing, we do not only help individuals and small companies bring forth their intriguing new products, devices, and processes in ways they could not accomplish alone, we also help them to make these new technologies available and affordable to anyone.

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GAIA-Projects are the products of painstaking research and development for the most promising and exciting energy inventions and innovations — unique products, devices, and processes that help the world step away from its reliance on fossil fuels and other harmful energy resources of the past.

While the novelty of most of these inventions makes them expensive and time-consuming adventures, the clarity of focus that drives the GAIA vision makes the sacrifices and investments in them a cause worth pursuing. We are fully committed to helping individual inventors, and small companies standardize their inventions and manage the preparations for market entry. We take care of the complicated and cost heavy processes involved in proofing concepts and sponsoring innovation.

With our unparalleled knowledge and experience, GAIA has perfected this process, making it efficient and cost-effective, while producing actionable data that can make your innovations even better.

Innovation for Every Sector

Manufacturing and agriculture

While the manufacturing industry accounts for approximately 30% of global emissions, other industries also share the burden of mass pollution. The farming industry consumes a substantial amount of energy as modern machinery is commonly used to mass produce goods for the global market. Nearly every piece of paper, vegetable and similar products are a result of a process that directly or indirectly emits greenhouse gases, which might as well be far more potent than carbon.


As part of globalization and modernization, the demand for transportation is growing at a rapid pace. Modern connectivity now means goods are not sold just locally, but globally – adding vast distances between a producer and consumer. While there has been remarkable progress towards electric powered vehicles, we still lack the means to mass generate (and store) enough green energy to completely electrify the transportation sector.



Power, cooling, and heating – may it be the air conditioner, floor heating or charging a phone. On a daily basis, everything from our private homes to schools or hospitals needs a high amount of energy to fulfill their function or our demand for convenience. Since only a very small percentage of electricity is produced via renewable energy  (like solar- or wind energy), the consumption of fossil fuels are still needed to keep buildings warm and comfortable.

Instead of continuing the race for fossile fuels,
we need to refrain from harmful practices.
It’s time for more intelligent solutions.

Inventors Lounge

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